How to Generate Blog Content In Seconds with Jasper AI Assistant

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6 min readFeb 4, 2022
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Every blogger knows the struggle of taking time to write their posts.

It can be a huge time sink if you don’t have the proper system in place.

But what happens when you wish to write even more content than before?

Generating blog posts has never been an easy task, but today there’s hope.

What is Jasper AI, Assistant?

Jasper AI has been taking the copywriting world by storm recently and for good reason.

But what is it really?

Jasper AI Assistant is a revolutionary artificial intelligence assistant that allows you to create blog posts in seconds.

Using GPT-3 technology, Jasper can generate content from over 2 million prewritten articles.

For this reason, it’s incredibly powerful and a vital tool for anyone looking to save time while creating massive amounts of high-quality content quickly.

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How does Jasper work?

What makes Jasper AI Assistant different than your run-of-the-mill plagiarism software is how it uses context clues to generate high-quality content.

Instead of just copying and pasting, Jasper creates new sentences based on the idea presented in the paragraph.

So even though it’s using prewritten articles, you still get an original piece of work that would never be plagiarized.

The coolest part? Jasper AI Assistant is always learning.

Every time you type in your seed keyword, it learns more about the topic and refines its suggestions for content creation.

Even better, Jasper’s team is constantly working to update this software with new articles to pull from so you never run out of content ideas.

So many possibilities!

Depending on what you’re looking for, Jasper AI has it all.

Want to write blog posts on a specific topic?

All you need is a prompt like “I want an article about ____” and then enter your idea into Jasper’s prompt box. Within seconds, you’ll get paragraphs of copy that are ready to go for publishing on your blog!

Even better, you can tie multiple keywords together and generate new ideas.

For example: #best+cake+recipes or how to + start a business .

Jasper also allows you to choose the type of articles you want with their many filters.

From long-form blog posts (over 2,000 words) to short 300-word blurbs, Jasper will provide you with all the content you need.

More than just blog posts!

With Jasper AI, you are only limited by your imagination.

Why write a 500-word article when you can create 3 for the price of one?

Jasper AI Assistant is also great for writers who want to save time while writing books!

It may sound crazy, but this software can be used to write novels in a fraction of the time.


Instead of typing in your seed keyword, enter in the title of your book or subject matter.

Jasper AI will then start spitting out different titles for you until it finds one that works.

Or you can just use the software to generate ideas for your next bestseller!

Long-form content? Check! Short 300-word blurbs? You got it.

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How to generate blog posts with the Jasper AI assistant

Step 1: Choose a Topic

Decide on a content topic.

Create a title in a style that fits your brand

For example, you can write “How to [activity] like a pro”

Once you have a heading for your blog, go to Jasper and open the “Long-form assistant” template.

Long-form Template

NOTE: This is only available in the Boss Mode plan, which comes highly recommended to unlock the true potential of Jasper.

On the template input all the fields on the left-hand side, the content brief is a brief summary of what you intend to write about.

Sample Blog Post

When producing content Jasper takes the title, content brief, keyword, and the most recent characters that you’ve written in the document to determine what’s the next best thing to write.

On Boss Mode plan, Jasper will read 3,000 characters above where your cursor is in the document and decide on the best content based on earlier input.

If you’re on the Starter Pack, it will only read the last 600.

Allowing Jasper to have more vision will increase its context and will write higher quality and more relevant content.

Step 2: Generate content

Once you have all fields filled, you can hit compose and Jasper will start generating content for you.

If you feel Jasper missed something or went in a different direction, delete the paragraph or sentence and hit “Compose” once more.

For the illustration above Jasper has generated the following blog and its subheadings as well in 2 minutes:

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20 Must Have Items When Camping with Kids

Camping with kids can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to make sure you have the right supplies.

Without the right gear, camping with kids can quickly turn into a disaster. From forgotten items to unexpected problems, there are plenty of things that can go wrong when camping with your little ones.

This comprehensive guide includes everything you need to make your next camping trip a success, from essential gear to food and entertainment ideas.

1. Mosquito Net

If there’s one thing that ruins a camping trip, it has to be mosquitoes and other bugs. Gut-busting meals and chilly weather just aren’t as bad when you don’t have to worry about bug bites.

Wearing long sleeves and pants also helps, but many people choose to bring mosquito netting along for the ride as well. Once draped across your tent or bed area, it can serve as a great early warning system if mosquitoes are nearby.

2. Baby wipes

Sometimes the only thing that can get you through a hot, sticky day is being able to take a shower. On days when camping with kids, it’s just not possible to have enough time for everyone to bathe before dinner starts getting cold.

Staying clean might be tough, but there is a way to feel more refreshed even on days when you can’t fully get ready. Baby wipes and other moist wipes are great for keeping your skin looking fresh after a day of hiking and playing around in the woods.

3. Toilet Paper & Trowel

Going out on a nature hike is the perfect way to teach kids about the world around them, but it’s also important to remember that not everything in nature should be touched.

If you need to go potty, there are certain things you shouldn’t touch with your hands instead of using toilet paper and a trowel. Keeping these items along can help prevent unnecessary accidents that could potentially keep the trip from being fun for everyone.

4. First Aid Kits

Out of all the items you can take with you on a camping trip, first aid kits are probably the most important. While they shouldn’t be used for regular health care, there’s plenty that can go wrong during outdoor fun.

At the very least, these kits should come with bandages, gauze, and some hydrogen peroxide. While it might not be enough for serious injuries, these kits are perfect for smaller cuts and scrapes that can happen just about anywhere.

5. Extra Outings

Going hiking or fishing with kids is often a great way to explore the area around your campsite, but you should always plan for the unexpected.

Car problems, animal attacks, and other unforeseen events can put a serious damper on your camping trip if you aren’t prepared for them. By always keeping an extra change of clothes along with some money in case of emergencies, you’ll avoid most situations that could ruin your fun.

Continue hitting “Compose button” until you get a full article, once again guide Jasper to write your desired content.

Happy blogging

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