How to Beat Writer’s Block with Jasper AI Writing Assistant

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8 min readFeb 8, 2022
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You have a great idea for a story or blog post, but you can’t seem to get started.

It’s frustrating when you have an idea for a great story or blog post, but you can’t seem to get started. Maybe you spend hours staring at a blank screen, or maybe the words just won’t come.

This is a common problem that many writers face. It’s called writer’s block, and it can be incredibly frustrating.

Jasper is here to help. With Jasper’s help, you can start writing immediately and see your ideas come to life.

Jasper is the solution to your writer’s block woes.

With Jasper by your side, you’ll never again have trouble getting started on your writing projects.

You’ve probably heard of jasper (formerly Jarvis) before, but did you know that jasper can help you with your writing?

Unlike other jaspers, jasper is designed to keep writers on track when they face writer’s block.

What Is Artificial Intelligence and How Can You Use It in Writing?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that seeks to mimic human thinking in machines. There are many different types of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the idea that certain tasks can be completed by machines, rather than humans.

Some types of artificial intelligence include machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning.

Jasper is an example of NLP.

What Is NLP and How Does It Work?

NLP is a type of artificial intelligence that can process language, understand it, and even produce it.

NLP is a subset of the larger field of artificial intelligence.

NLP works by mapping out language into mathematical expressions, also called vectors.

These vectors consist of numbers that represent various aspects of words. Some of these aspects are the part of speech, the word frequency in a corpus, and even synonyms.

This allows NLP systems to determine what words mean based on their context and relationship to other words.

By mapping out language into mathematical expressions, NLP systems can understand the meaning of words and produce new sentences.

Jasper is a type of NLP system, but it can do much more than simply generate new sentences.

This ensures the copy generated is plagiarism-free.

Jasper can generate new content based on an existing piece of writing.

Jasper will read the text and analyze it for its overall sentiment, then generate a new piece of writing that reflects that sentiment.

What Exactly Does Jasper Do?

Jasper is a writing assistant that can write fiction stories, blog posts, entire books, marketing emails, Ads copy, creative stories, and more.

Using jasper is easy, too. Just tell jasper what content you’d like to generate and “handoff” the project.

Let’s go through a quick demonstration

Getting Started with Jasper Ai Writing Assistant

Step 1: Get a Copy of Jasper AI Assistant

Jasper gives you 10,000 words for free to understand how the A.I work, they also have a community group and lots of tutorials for you to get the hang of it and start using it effectively.

Step 2: Create a Fiction Writing Project

Once you fully understand the concept and process, you will need to get the Boss Mode package.

Boss mode allows you to get all the pro features that are limited in the Starter plan.

In Boss Mode, Jarvis will read 3,000 characters above where your cursor is in the document.

If you’re not using Boss Mode, it will only read the last 600.

Allowing Jasper to have more vision increases its context to write higher quality and more relevant content.

Click on the “Templates” section and open the Long-form template.

Create your title, a brief description of your content, the tone of voice, and input 2 keywords to optimize for SEO.

Let’s say for example we want to write about “ How to start a small business”

This becomes our H1 (Heading 1) so just highlight it and click on H1 at the top left corner. (Use title case converter to ensure your heading are optimized)

On the left panel paste your heading, write a brief content description.

  1. Add a tone of voice which can be any adjectives such as
  • Funny
  • Casual
  • Excited
  • Professional
  • Witty
  • Sarcastic
  • Feminine
  • Masculine
  • Bold
  • Dramatic
  • Grumpy
  • Secretive

You can also use a celebrity tone of voice.

Learn more about the tone of voice here.

Finally, add 3 keywords to ensure your document is optimized for SEO

Then click on the “Compose” button, this button has three options: Short, Medium, and Long depending on the size of the paragraph you want to be composed at a time.

Ideally, the medium option is good to ensure Jasper doesn’t veer off in the wrong direction.

In our case Jasper has composed the following copy in less than 2 minutes:

How to Start a Small Business

Starting a business is difficult work, but can be very rewarding.

With patience and perseverance, anyone can start their own business.

This article will discuss the steps necessary to start a business from scratch.

1. Determine If Your Idea Has Merit

Before starting any business it’s important for entrepreneurs to determine if their idea has merit in the marketplace by carrying out some market research.

It’s important to determine if there is a demand for the business’s products or services, and how much it would cost to start up.

The business idea should also be analyzed to see if an effective business model can be created around said idea.

2. Choose A Business Structure

Once business owners have determined that their business idea has merit, the business structure should be chosen.

There are five business structures: sole proprietorship, business partnership, corporation (C-Corporation or S-Corporation), limited liability company (LLC), and non-profit organization.

Choosing the business structure with which to start a business is crucial.

For example, certain business structures make business operations more difficult than others, like an LLC vs C-Corporation, while some business structures may offer more business-related tax benefits.

3. Name Your Business

Once business owners have chosen a business structure and a business idea with potential, the business needs to be named.

Business names must not include words that are illegal or trademarked, such as common law trademarks or copyrighted business names.

The business name also needs to be unique, and business owners should check with business registration offices to make sure the business name is legal before using it.

4. Get The Necessary Business Licenses And Permits From Local Government Agencies

After business owners have chosen a business structure, business idea, and business name, business owners need to register their business with local business registration agencies.

Businesses may have different business licenses and permits depending on the business structure, business location, business activities, and products or services provided.

In addition to business licenses and permits from local government agencies, business owners may also have to file federal tax registrations as well as state filings.

5. Acquire Business Insurance

Business owners should acquire business liability insurance, business property insurance, and business workers compensation insurance before business operations begin.

Depending on the business structure, business activities, business location, and products or services provided by the business, certain business structures may require additional business-related insurances.

6. Market Your Products Or Services

Before business operations can begin, business owners must first determine who their target audience is and how business products or services will be marketed.

Business owners should find out where their business’ target audience spends time online and what media they use to receive information.

Business owners can also run advertisements in newspapers or other forms of communication directed at their business targets.

7. Market Your Business

Business owners need to use business networking opportunities, business social media accounts, and business newsletters to promote their business on a regular basis.

It’s also important for business owners to market business products or services on their website as well as mention them on any offline promotional materials that mention the business name.

8. Prepare For Business Operations

Before business operations can begin, business owners need to plan out business operations by developing business policies and procedures.

Business owners should develop business products or services pricing strategies, business marketing plans, and business budgeting plans.

The goal of business planning is to ensure that the business has enough resources for operation as business owners prepare business operations.

9. Hire and Train Employees

After business plans and business policies and procedures have been established, business owners need to hire employees if necessary based on business operations.

Business owners should create training plans for new employees so they can acquire the skills their business needs as well as establish clear job descriptions for each business position.

Once business owners have hired employees, business owners should regularly train employees on business policies and procedures to ensure business success.

10. Sell Products Or Services

After business owners have obtained necessary business licenses and insurances, established business operations, and prepared for business operations, it’s time to start selling products or services.

Business owners should build business marketing plans and business plans that incorporate business products or services.

Business owners can then create business models that explain how they’ll turn a profit from business sales.

11. Make Plans To Continue Growing Your Business

After business operations have begun, business owners need to make sure their business is profitable and has the potential to keep growing.

Business owners should make business plans about possible business expansions as well as business plans about marketing to new business targets.

By continually investing in their business, business owners can ensure a long and fruitful business operation that will grow exponentially if done correctly.

Obviously, you need to do a bit of editing and fact checking, but overall Jasper does a good job.


Jasper Ai is a useful and powerful tool that has the potential to help you create content faster and more efficiently.

It can produce thousands of words per second based on an existing piece of writing, but it’s not perfect yet.

The accuracy greatly depends on how well your document was written and structured.

Just like a human, Jasper needs to have context and a vision in order to tell a coherent story or produce intelligible content.

The good news is you don’t need any AI research background for this one.

All you need to do is simply give it direction and let Jasper take over from there.

And as was mentioned earlier, they have a community group and lots of tutorials available to learn more about this amazing tool!

Till next time, happy blogging!



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